Seven days aboard a spectacular ocean liner? Check. Brilliant, entertaining speakers? Check. Beautiful ports-o-call? Check. All we need to round out an unbelievable Caribbean cruise is YOU.

You are invited to join Reason's A-team of journalists, thinkers, and other friends of liberty aboard the Celebrity Silhouette for Fixing the World: Reason's Seminar Cruise 2014.

We'll spend a week sailing the western Caribbean while spending quality time with some of today's most articulate champions of free minds and free markets, including skeptical environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg, free market historian Johan Norberg, and Reason's own Nick Gillespie, Ron Bailey, and Jacob Sullum.

Former ACLU president Nadine Strossen called her Reason cruise "a perfect blend of education, stimulation, recreation, and relaxation." I call it the most entertaining week of the year! So make your reservations today

Looking forward to seeing you!

Matt Welch
Editor in Chief, Reason magazine
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